10 days before departure day…

10 days before departure day…

So I leave for Japan in 10 days. The time really went by quickly. When I made the decision, August seemed so far away… and now that it’s arrived I find myself scrambling to tidy up loose ends.

  1. Finish cleaning/donating/trashing all my stuff.
Plumbers Putty

This era of the internet and free information flow, while convenient, has also messed me up in subtle ways. If I was in my right mind, I would never have been convinced that I needed a large 5 lb container of plumbers putty. Curse those DIY forums!

Waste King Garbage Disposal

Or this: a brand new heavy duty garbage disposal unit. I found it on sale online. This unit is so powerful that it can grind up whole chicken wings without so-much as a hiccup. It was such a good price, I had to have it. Regardless that I didn’t have a sink to install it in.

My room is filled with various items that I have purchased over the years. It grieves me to toss them aside, since my adventurous/hoarder side of me screams that I could find a use for them. However, now that I am leaving, reality forces me to come to grips with the fact that I had foolishly wasted money when I purchased them.

Then there are the items that are from my childhood, things that are filled with so much memory that discarding them seems like throwing away a piece of myself.

Someone recently told me that taking pictures of these items and cataloging them can dull the pain. I’ll throw a couple of them in here for your enjoyment.


Used this to listen to music from late elementary to early high school. I remember burning music onto CDs so I could listen to my favorites… the earliest form of playlists.

Diablo II, Heroes of Might and Magic, Warcraft III, and Final Fantasy 8

I’d rather not talk about how many hours of my life I’ve wasted playing these games… but despite that I can’t help but mention how fondly I look back those days.

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