the Chicago that I love (3 days until departure)

the Chicago that I love (3 days until departure)

These days, when I talk to people about Chicago, they usually mention places like Downtown, Michigan Ave, Millennium Park, Logan Square…

As a suburbanite, I’ve studied/lived/worked in Chicago for a period of about 7 years. That was more than enough time to realize that…

I hate Chicago. Its LOUD, its dirty, its crowded, there’s terrible traffic, and the smell of sewage, exhaust, and cigarette smoke.

However, despite that, there are tiny parts of Chicago that I’ve really come to love and embrace. Yesterday, I took a quick trip downtown to see some old friends (humans), and some old friends (establishments). [please excuse the dust spots on the camera lens]

Mario’s – This small stand sells Italian lemonade, with lines around the corner at 9 pm. What is Italian lemonade? Only the finest blend between ice, lemon, and water.

Seven Treasures – this gem is in the old part of China town. The place is dirty, but the authentic, dirt-cheap food keeps you coming back for more. Simple, but Delicious.

The Field Museum – this is a great place. tons of interesting exhibits filled with intrigue, awe, and even tranquility. Tickets cost too much? Don’t worry, they’ve got plenty of free days.

Benny’s – Oh Benny’s, how I shall miss your pizza, with its dense slices of crust and real Wisconsin cheese. I don’t care that your sign claims to be #2, for me you shall always be #1.

Jim’s Original – My stomach can’t handle this place anymore, but given the fact that I ate here almost every day for a couple years, I figure it deserves an honorable mention. This Chicago icon has a very long history of peddling grease filled cylinders to those in need of a midnight snack. The prices have raised almost 300% since my college days, but people still come to their windows loyally. [please notice the absence of people in front of the Express Grill in the distance…. never eat there.]


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