Established in Indonesia! Japan Recap.

Established in Indonesia! Japan Recap.

Hello! Sorry for the lack of updates, the past two weeks have been pretty wild!
So I’ve left Japan, and I’ve been in Indonesia for a week, getting settled in an apartment.
The next few blog posts will probably be about Japan, while the experience is still fresh. Afterwards, I’ll shoot out some updates about Indonesia.

So in the span of two weeks, I managed to travel up and down the length of Japan.I hit up all the biggest cities, and a number of the smaller ones. All of them had something amazing to offer.

View from the Kawachosanso Onsen Ryokan in Shizukuishi

I definitely wish I had more time, and now that I’ve been here I have a much better idea of the things that I’d like to see.
I didn’t do a lot of planning. I mostly just hopped on the next train in the morning, and used that travel time to plan out my daily itinerary.

Shinkansen Green Car. Completely Empty Train… Unlimited 200 mph rides for 2 weeks – only 500 Dollars!

While perhaps not the best way to plan a trip, it helped me be flexible with whatever I was in the mood for. I can’t emphasize enough the convenience of the Japanese bullet train system. Its just so simple to hop on a train, and while technically it may not be faster than an airplane, I would argue that you save more time overall in reduced downtime, not to mention huge savings in comfort. 😀

All in all, Japan made a rather large impression on me. So many new and interesting things to experience.
And the food!

Grilled Squid Stall on Tsunoshima Island

The cheapest food spots in Japan serve Japanese food at least one notch above any Japanese food you can get in Chicago. So the value is better and so is the quality.

Hakata Yoshida Ramen Shop near Hakata Station

The one exception to this might be the ramen; there are some decent Japanese chains in Chicagoland, and the pricing is actually comparable.
More on the food later.

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