Japan is incredibly tourist friendly (Part 1). Especially if you are from China, the USA, or South Korea.

Japan is incredibly tourist friendly (Part 1). Especially if you are from China, the USA, or South Korea.

Japan was a blast! I haven’t been to many countries as a tourist, but in my opinion, Japan just might be the #1 tourist friendly nation on the planet.

Reason # 1 for this assertion – Foreigner Friendliness

In larger cities and towns in Japan, about 60-75% of the signs that you see has been translated into English. Depending where you are, there’s an additional 30-50% chance that it has also been translated into either Chinese or Korean. That being said, on a week day in Fukuoka or Shimonoseki, about 60% of the people you see walking around are Korean or Chinese.

One of the telltale signs of a native Japanese. Japanese ladies absolutely love wearing these pants that balloon. (like the lady in the blue pants). They look extremely comfortable actually.


[All these people are waiting for the department store doors in Hakata to open at 10:00 AM! They take shopping very seriously.]
My ethnic background is Korean, and I was convinced that I could tell between Asians. But when I arrived in Fukuoka, I was like, huh? Japanese people look just like Koreans and Chinese people! Turns out, Chinese and Korean people just love traveling to the southern part of Japan for vacation.

Although you do see western tourists, they are not nearly as plentiful as the Asian tourists. Despite the disproportionate population, English speakers get equal if not greater representation (in translated signage). Lucky us! (prime example of western cultural imperialism?)

Crowded Subway Train! It ain’t a joke. At some point, you wonder why the Japanese people don’t simply wait for the next train which is coming in 5 minutes. But they simply insist on smashing themselves into the train in front of them. O_o

Maybe part of the reason why Asians go to Japan is the cheap, delicious sushi. Nobody loves sushi more than Asians, and nobody makes sushi better than the Japanese… (no disrespect to the Chinese, Korean, and Thai owned sushi joints.)

This is the fish market in Shimonoseki. Apparently a cruise ship from China had docked into Shimonoseki Port, and it was swarming by 11:00 AM! My friends showing me around told me that it’s usually not this packed.

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