The US food industry vs Japan’s! *slobber*

The US food industry vs Japan’s! *slobber*

There are some things that US peeps get wrong that the Japanese get right in regards to food (in my opinion anyway)…

1. Eating healthy is CHEAP. You can buy a super fresh bagged salad with the dressing of your choice for 1.5 dollars. You can buy a rice ball with seaweed nori and a protein filler for the same amount. 

I stole this image from someone else’s blog. But I ate this all the time in Japan; they have them in almost every convenience store. About 1 dollar, and it’s incredibly fresh.

Natto, a smelly but super healthy topping for rice is like 10 cents per serving!!! Sad to say, in the United States, lower income is a factor in obesity!

A convenient single serving size of natto!

2. Miso soup doesn’t have a lot of tofu in it, if any? 90% of the miso soup that I had in Japan had absolutely no tofu in it. ??!

This is a 6 dollar meal. The Yoshinoya chain is Japan’s version of fast food.

3. Sea Urchin (gonads). Why this isn’t more popular in the States I have no clue, but it is da BOMB.

I know it looks gross, but you still have to try this… It’s delicious.


4. Green Tea. In case you didn’t know, tea is super cheap to make. In Japan, they treat it almost like water. They give the stuff away everywhere. In the US, you have to pay a 1.50 to 2.00 dollars. ??! Talk about trying to make an easy buck.

This awesome gives you all the fresh green tea that you want. Hot or Cold.
Bitter Green Tea with some salty Kyoto Peanut Rice Cracker Snacks

5. Intense regional food specialization. While the farm to table and locally sources foods have been getting more popular in recent years in the US, the Japanese have been doing it successfully for generations! Every city has some kind of food specialty, that showcases the unique foodstuffs of the region. I mean, the US does it too, (dungeness crab, Maine lobster, etc.) but it’s just not to the same degree. I mean, even the rice is different depending on the region it was grown in! In the US, there are basically 2 types. Short grain, Long grain. Some foodies might know about glutinous rice.

Osaka Styled Okonomiyaki
Hiroshima style Okonomiyaki

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